What I do… BTS of being a filmmaker, mom, partner, and coach

It all started as a little girl in Pony Club. After over ten years competing as an equestrian (I was a Jumper for any fellow horse girls), I went to college. I started at the University of Miami, Florida as a performance major. I was not fulfilled. My eating disorder was on high alert – in efforts to avoid the freshman 15, I lost the freshman 30; my skin got cystic acne, and if I could not count every single of one my ribs, I was disappointed in myself.

Bummed out and in my dorm room, I asked myself, who are those folks who ride horses for movies. I loved the scene in Fellowship of the Ring where the Nazgul are chasing after Frodo and Liv Tyler (If you listen to Date Night at the Movies, you’ll know I cannot remember a character’s name to save my life…). I learned those were stunt performers; that day, that’s what I decided I needed to do.

I got accepted, transferred, and made the cut in the BFA Acting Program at DePaul University – became best friends with the armory, made friends with the other nearby stage combat programs, and dove into the program. What I learned at DePaul was way more than just acting technique – I learned tension is the death of creativity. I learned yoga was also good for the soul. I learned that the answer is always in my partner. I learned that I was enough, in a space, on any given day, and that I had a story to tell.

Meanwhile, I had an untreated eating disorder that made my consistent hypoglycemia flare. My skin got better as I ate more and more, but it was also the only way to survive the grueling and extremely physical schedule. Enter in Turbo Jam… and Team Beachbody. I did Turbo Jam religiously. I believed what Chalene Johnson had to tell me. Over time I started to believe her and I could say the same things while looking in the mirror. I could see the results of my hard work. I then got P90x to get ready for my wedding. How could others not know the power of this resource?! And be able to workout at home… in my underwear… and not have to walk through the snow!!

Fast forward 10+ years to now. I still use Beachbody programs to get results as a full time stunt woman, creator, wife, and now…. Momma. I have amazing community support from my stunt community, but also my wife/mom/fitness/homemaker extraordinaire/entrepreneur friends. This is the most empowered I have ever felt… and I want to share that with you.

On this blog you will travel the world with me. Enter into motherhood. Enter into postpartum. Navigate a marriage. Navigate Hollywood and the glass ceiling. Moments where I dig into my relationship with my ride or die partner. Negotiate when my eating disorder pops its nasty head up.

Thanks for stopping by. We’re in this together. I’ll also be ready to give you the tools to tell your story when you’re ready.

Stunt Mom